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  • About Us

    With diverse industry, functional & investment experience, we provide 'serene' investment advice ie advice & investment in transactions & businesses that provide peace of mind to the investor & the investee.We achieve this goal by
    • transparency, 
    • critical assessment of business model & its assumptions, 
    • management capabilities & track record
    • ethical business practices
    Our Business

    We look for opportunities that are mid-long term, secure and create value/ income generation for our investorsOur focus is to actively and effectively manage the Indian Real Estate Investment Portfolio of NRIs & HNIs

    Our Credentials

    • Diverse Real Estate exposure including legal, design & engineering, development approvals, funding, project development as well as sales & marketing
    • Understanding of various real estate sectors land, residential, commercial, retail and industrial
    • Senior management & leadership experience across sectors, business size in service & manufacturing
    • Over 14 years of consulting experience across wide range of industries - both manufacturing & services
    • Experience across diverse functional areas of the organisation 
      • Strategy
      • Operations
      • Organisation Systems
      • Technology
    • Understanding of strategic business models
    • Above all, we enjoy the work we do - income is a by-product
  • Home

    Serene Advisory is a boutique Real Estate \'Investment Advisory & Property Management\' firm that works with HNIs & NRIs.

    Serene Advisory works with select clientele to assist them in actively managing their Real Estate Investment Portfolio in India.

    Enjoy Your Real Estate Investments

    Our Asset Management Services include
    • Investment Management
    • Property Management
  • Client Needs


    Real Estate, especially in India, as a sector characterized by high variations in values within short distances due to a variety of factors like view, developers, amenities or just plain neighbors. While many factors play a role in the pricing and performance of real estate investments, it is said that there are 3 important factors in real estate – location, location, location.

    Location plays the most important role in selection of any real estate investment. Having done that, upkeep and regular monitoring of the local market will ensure that you get the best out of your Real Estate Investment.

    Real estate investments are a great way to add another stream of income. But, contrary to what the gurus may tell you, real estate income is hardly ever truly passive. Some lucky investors do experience periods of “passive income” — which implies that checks arrive in the mail with no effort invested. It seems the majority of real estate investors find that they spend many more hours than they originally intended with finding and closing deals, managerial tasks, bookkeeping, and tax preparation. While an investor with deep pockets can afford to outsource these tasks to professionals, most regular investors probably will have to shoulder some of the work themselves. Even investors with a team of professionals will find that they still have to manage those managers. After all, no one cares about your business more than you!

    How can it be any different for you?

    While being based in another country or city can make it quite challenging to keep track of local markets, even regular site visits while you visit the city may not be possible. Serene Advisory assists you in actively and effectively manage the Indian Real Estate Investment portfolio. We monitor & manage your investments as well as undertake property management services with a view to protect and enhance the value of the Real Estate Investment.

    Key Challenges
    As a NRI / HNI with investments in Indian Real Estate sector, do you face the following challenges?

    • Actively review and manage your Real Estate Asset portfolio    Investment Mix
      •     Location Mix
      •     Rent Yields, Cash Flow
      •     Capital Appreciation
      •     New Opportunities
    •     Tracking of local markets at periodic intervals so as to decide sell/ buy/ lease decisions
      •     New Developments in the area
      •     Pricing & Rent Yields
      •     Long Term Trend
      •     Demographic shifts
    •     Leverage the current portfolio to build new assets
    •     Plan buy and sell transactions to optimize TAX liability
    •     Conducting periodic Site Visits for physical upkeep & maintenance of the properties

  • Opportunities

    We are actively researching & review opportunities in the following industries/ sectors.

    Real Estate Development

    • Residential Townships
    • Logistics Parks
    • Land Banking
    • Commercial Office Spaces
    Private Equity
    • Innovative Real Estate Development of Holiday Homes complimented by Managed Time Share service to generate regular income as we as capital appreciation
    • Joint Venture (JV) with a Premium Real Estate Developer in Pune

    Investors interested in investing/ evaluating these opportunities may contact us for more information.

  • Work with Us

    Serene Advisory is a unique workplace. We operate from a premise of enjoying our work - income and growth will follow. Some of our work practices are
    • Only Roles - No titles or designation: Roles are work responsibilities that we share with our team. They may change based on the needs of the business across the day, week and month. They could also change if a person wants to take on more challenging assignments or simply try something new!!
    So, one day you could be the administrative assistant and the following day the head of business development. 
    • Trust in you: We trust that everyone at Serene will be sincere and fulfill there responsibilities as assigned. We don't have time & attendance monitoring nor reimbursement approval and audit systems

    • Balance: We want everyone at Serene as well as our clients to maintain there own sense of Balance, whether it be between personal and professional work or investment between real estate and other investment avenues

    • Rejuvenation:  Continuously developing and rejuvenating the mind, body and soul is central to our existence. Therefore, as individuals, teams, companies or society we need to engage in on-going development and rejuvenation. We promote and encourage everyone around to undertake such endeavors
    25% of our time will be dedicated to this aspect. Whether it is attending trainings and workshops, reading books, audiobooks, videos, movies or simply mediation
    • Responsibility:  It does not matter what others say or do, let this not be the limiting factor. We define our own rules and follow them not of because others, simply because we believe in it. Some of rules of daily life that we follow
      • No shortcuts to making money or compliance
      • Pay Taxes
      • Follow traffic rules
      • Frugality in everything we do - Limit use of paper, gadgets, fuel, etc
      • Charity

  • Contact Us
    +91 99675 00002

    Mumbai | India
  • Services

    Investment Management

    Based on each clients unique needs eg wealth creation, savings, passive income and cash flow, we work with our clients on a pure advisory capacity to mandate based execution of requirements.We provide the following investments management services
    • Portfolio Analysis & Review
    • Wealth Creation Strategy
    • Leverage & Reverse Mortgage
    • Cash flow Planning
    • Property acquisition and disposition
    • Fund Management
    • Leasing & Tenant Acquisition
    • Real Estate Private Equity
    • Pre-Launch Sales
    • Joint Ventures
    • TDR
    Real Estate Investment sectors include land, residential, office, retail and industrial.

    Property Management
    • Property Management Services focuses on protecting or enhancing the value of the Real Estate Investment.We extend the following services
      • Quick Reviews – Site Visits with Market Review
      • Upkeep – Periodic Housekeeping
      • Repairs & Maintenance on need basis
      • Property Staging
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