Work With Us

Work with Us

Serene Advisory is a unique workplace. We operate from a premise of enjoying our work - income and growth will follow. Some of our work practices are Only Roles - No titles or designation: Roles are work responsibilities that we share with our team. They may change based on the needs of the business across the day, week and month. They could also change if a person wants to take on more challenging assignments or simply try something new!!

So, one day you could be the administrative assistant and the following day the head of business development.

Trust in you: We trust that everyone at Serene will be sincere and fulfill there responsibilities as assigned. We don't have time & attendance monitoring nor reimbursement approval and audit systems

Balance: We want everyone at Serene as well as our clients to maintain there own sense of Balance, whether it be between personal and professional work or investment between real estate and other investment avenues

Rejuvenation: Continuously developing and rejuvenating the mind, body and soul is central to our existence. Therefore, as individuals, teams, companies or society we need to engage in on-going development and rejuvenation. We promote and encourage everyone around to undertake such endeavors 25% of our time will be dedicated to this aspect. Whether it is attending trainings and workshops, reading books, audiobooks, videos, movies or simply mediation

Responsibility: It does not matter what others say or do, let this not be the limiting factor. We define our own rules and follow them not of because others, simply because we believe in it. Some of rules of daily life that we follow

  • No shortcuts to making money or compliance
  • Pay Taxes
  • Follow traffic rules
  • Frugality in everything we do - Limit use of paper, gadgets, fuel, etc
  • Charity